Solar Ware 833

SOLAR WARE 833GR is one of the largest central PV inverter in the 1000V power class. The first heat-pipe based hybrid cooling technology implemented in utility-scale PV inverter solution providing optimal opex model.

New technology innovation
Proprietary 3-level (Advanced Multi-level) IGBT architecture provides reduction on switching loss and performance enhancement through filter reactor size optimization
Industry's leading 99% efficiency
Wide DC MPP window allowing string sizing flexibility
World's first heatpipe technology in utility-scale PV inverter
Utilizing TMEIC heat pipe technology, the inverter runs without fan operation up to 50% load
Heatpipe cooling significantly simplifies thermal management, because it uses fewer parts and only a slow-speed fan with a heat pipe heat sink
Easy System Integration
Full direct bus connection both on DC and AC side provides easy installation on-site