Spare part for TMdrive MVe2

Spare parts are important for quick recovery of important facilities from faults.


When parts in the inverter equipment have broken down, spare parts are required to shorten the mean time to repair (MTTR). Since replacement of individual parts takes much time, it is recommended to replace by equipment. Recommended spare parts for each capacity are shown in Table. The recommended spare rate and minimum amount can serve as the references for the minimum number of spare parts relative to the total number of parts used. It is recommended to decide the amount according to the number of parts used.

For the cell inverter unit, the following measures are taken to prevent trouble when spare parts are replaced. The same applied to the multi-stage equipment.

Replace the failing cell inverter unit with a spare cell inverter unit and restart the operation (to minimize MTTR).

Then, replace the failing parts of the failing cell inverter unit with spare parts

 If the failing part is a power device at this time, please request the TMEIC representative to repair it.

 Table     Recommended Common Spare Parts


Control board CTR ARND-4044C

Gate interface board GIF(Including OIF)                   ARND-4186A

Gate interface board GIF(Including OIF)                    ARND-4186B

Option board interface OPT-S                                  ARND-4051A

Input/output board XIO                                                ARND-4045B

Input/output board XIOA                                             ARND-4187A

Resistor board for voltage detection EXR                  ARND-4005A

Resistor board for voltage detection R-DET               ARND-3139A

Resistor board for voltage detection R-DET                ARND-3139B

Resistor board for voltage detection R-DET                 ARND-3139F

Output   voltage   detection   board V-DET                    ARND-4189A/B


TC-net I/O E (Electrical)                                                  ARND-4026N

TC-net I/O F (Optical)                                                     ARND-4027N

ISBus                                                                              ARND-8204M

DeviceNet                                                                       ARND-8127M

PROFIBUS /8225M                                                        ARND-8130M

Modbus- RTU                                                                 ARND-8225P

CC-Link                                                                         ARND-8225N

Display/operation unit                                                     KPAD-4047A

Multi-language display unit                                               GT1155-QSBD


Power supply equipment                                             

LWT50H-5FF                                                                +5V/+15V/-15V

HWS50-24                                                                    +24V

Control circuit fuse ATQ10                                           500VAC-10A

Control circuit fuse ATQ1                                             500VAC-1A

PT fuse PL-G                                                                1A

PT fuse 12000CP GLC20X254/1                                 1A

Power reception indicator LED                                     

APS116DN                                                                   110VAC (White)

APS1126DN                                                                 120VAC (White)

Cooling fan                                                                  

R4D500-RA03-01 (50Hz)                                                 200V/400V common

R3G500-RA24-71 (60Hz)                                                 400V

R3G500-RA34-11 (60Hz)                                                 200V

GTB052KUT34R (50/60Hz)                                              200V/400V

R4D560-RB03-01 (50Hz)                                                 200V/400V common

R3G560-RA25-71 (60Hz)                                                 400V

R3G560-RA27-11 (60Hz)                                                 200V

GTB057KUT37R (50/60Hz)                                              200V/400V