TMdrive-10e2 SPR

The TMdrive-10e2 SPR Slip Power Recovery Drive System for Wound Rotor Motors belongs to the TMdrive-10e2 family of low-voltage system drives designed to lower the cost of ownership with numerous space-saving and maintenance features.

When wound rotor motors are employed, the TMdrive-10e2 Slip Power Recovery Drive (SPR) can help make operations more efficient. The drive operates at high power factor with low harmonics. When operating below base speed, the drive returns power to the line, saving on power consumption. The TMEIC SPR drive also allows operation above synchronous speed enabling increased throughput, within the mechanical limits of the system. It is also ideal for retrofits of existing, previous-generation current source SPR drives.

With the TMdrive-10e2 SPR, wound rotor motors have entered the 21st Century offering:

PWM converters
High power factor operation
High reliability
Low cost of ownership