Solar Ware 100

This product is no longer in production. TMEIC continues to offer support and service for existing customers.

TMEIC's utility scale inverters include the latest interconnection technology. The SOLAR WARE 100 is an advanced multilevel inverter system offering up to 100 kW, with an operating range of 320 ~ 550 V. TMEIC's proprietary optimized cooling system eliminates the need for a fan, increasing reliability. The unit has NEMA3R certification, for outdoor installation.

96.7% Efficiency
SOLAR WARE 100 operates at 96.7% maximum efficiency. With high efficiency and robust design, TMEIC can significantly maximize array performance and uptime.

High Efficiency at Low-Load Conditions
This state of the art piece of equipment has been highly engineered and designed for high efficiency AD/DC conversion at low-load conditions, allowing faster return on investment

Fanless Design
TMEIC introduces a new and exciting thermal solution with this inverter. The IGBT-fin cooling design eliminates the cooling fan, leading to best-in-the-industry reliability and PM cycle.

Advanced Multilevel Inverter – 56% Switching Loss Reduction
The SOLAR WARE 100 advanced multilevel inverter uses a new circuit topology to create 3 output voltage levels, with switching loss reduced by 56%. Grid connection features include:

Power factor control
Reactive/Active power control
Fault ride through - Voltage ride through (low voltage ride through)
Frequency ride through
TMEIC’s proprietary anti-islanding technique utilizes a slip mode frequency shift method