About Us
TOVINA Limited Liability Company thank you for your attention. We are pleased to bring to you our products and technical services specialized in Industrial Electrical, Automation, measurement and Control. 

I. Development Objectives: 
- Expanding business with products and services increasingly diversified to meet different needs of customers.
- Continoue to be the leader in introducing and supplying new industrial automation equipment and solutions to consumers. 
- Maintain the prestige, increasingly complete and develop professional management system, human resource development, increase revenue, gain market share and enhance brand value. 

II. We have a lot of practical experience on:

* Research projects on energy saving by inverter. 
* Supply and installation of inverter, motor, flowmeter and other equipment. 
* Provide process control system design
* Maintenace specializing in Electrical works - Automation. 

TOVINA is the Authorized Distributor, support, training and warranty of Toshiba and Tmeic Electrical and Automation products in Vietnam. TOVINA have technical team comprised of specialized engineers Automation trained and abroad experience is guaranteed to provide customers the products and best services for the most competitive, bring satisfaction to you.